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#NUVOpop: Goldie Vance

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4/13 Goldie Vance! from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Welcome back everyone!
This week, we have girl detectives, multiple Harleys and the return of Xena the warrior princess. There are plenty of other new releases, but let's get started on my top picks for this week!

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Goldie Vance
Who doesn't love a girl detective comic? If so, get out. Goldie Vance is curious and witty young girl who loves solving mysteries. She lives in Florida at her father's resort and wants to be the hotel's in shop detective! She works towards her dream every day by solving small mysteries around town and in the hotel. However, when the hotel's current in shop detective has a mystery he can't solve, he asks Goldie for help! 

Moon Knight
The world's craziest superhero is back in a new series written by Jeff Lemire. Marc Spektor, AKA Moon Knight, has been defending NYC from all manner of criminals. For years he has battled his demons and his enemies... or so he thought. Marc has recently woken up in a mental hospital without powers and without answers. Is Marc really crazy or is something sinister in the works?
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C-3PO Special
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This is another Force Awakens tie in! In this one shot featuring C-3PO, we learn more secrets about the Force Awakens. We also find out what the funk happened to C-3PO's arm, which is the biggest mystery from the movie!

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House of Penance
House of Penance is Dark Horse's newest horror comic. This series is about a woman with strange tastes in architecture. She hires people to build stairways that lead to nowhere and mystery doors. When a mysterious stranger arrives on her door step one day, he starts to bring the woman's demons to life..
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Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys
If you have been following the Harley Quinn series, then you know that Harley Quinn has hired a group of people to be her own personal "Harley Quinn Justice League". Dressed like Harley Quinn, the group goes around "saving the day" in their own unique way. However, Harley herself has gone missing and it's up to her gang of Harleys to find her and also, to protect the city while she is gone!


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Xena Warrior Princess
XENA IS BACK! Truthfully, I have never seen Xena: Warrior Princess. My childhood was dark and grey and filled with PBS kids shows (and, surprisingly, Star Trek: The Next Generation). However, I know many people are excited for this series and I am excited to have the chance to learn a little about Xena! In this series, it's been 25 years since Xena and Gabrielle have been around and things are looking grim. Will their return help the dire situations at hand? The answer: well, duh. 

That's all for this week! Next week, we have a new Star Trek series AND a new Dungeons and Dragon series starting! And now, time for a trailer! Because you're worth it.


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