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#NUVOpop: The King Has Returned

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4/7 Black Panther! from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Hello hello hello! So I am sorry for the delay. I planned on doing this episode with my beloved kitten, T'Challa but he was being a real diva so no Kitten Time this week :( But there is a cool bonus clip at the end of the episode so.... yay?
Brace yourself. It's a big week for comics. Black Panther! Poe Dameron! Theodore Roosevelt! Harley Quinn! Darkseid War! The Three Stooges too?!
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It's about to get hella lit up in the comic shop.


Black Panther
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It's finally here, guys. And it's about damn time. The ruler of Wakanda blasts  into a new series just in time for his big screen debut in May! T'Challa is struggling to do right by his nation, but it seems no matter what he does, things get worse. Wakanda is currently being plagued by terrorists known as "The People".. and they are convincing the citizens of Wakanda to revolt! In order for Wakanda to survive and flourish, the country must change. But can they handle the change? And will Black Panther be able to change with Wakanda in order to survive?

Poe Dameron
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Poe Dameron was a mystery in the Force Awakens. One minute he's escaping with Finn and the next he's supposedly dead and then he pops up again to save everyone. All we really know about him is that he's the Resistance's greatest pilot, he's got kick ass tastes in coats and he's also known as Apocalypse sometimes. In this new prequel comic, we learn about Poe as he embarks on an important mission from General Leia... exploring sites that are important to the Force! This exciting new series ties in with the Force Awakens! 

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Rough Riders
Ugh, I'm a sucker for historical fiction. Plus Theodore Roosevelt was a pretty cool dude. In this series, Theodore Roosevelt is the leader of the ROUGH RIDERS. But in this version, the Rough Riders are composed of legendary historical figures. Annie Oakley, Harry Houdini and Jack Johnson are part of this all-star roster! In this new adventure series, the USS Maine has been attacked using freaky alien technology. The Rough Riders must head to Cuba to save the world from this terrible threat.

Spider-Women Alpha
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It seems like this might be another Spider-Verse miniature event HOWEVER, I adore all the Spider-Women and a miniature event that brings all three of them together sounds delightful. Spider-Woman! Silk! Spider-Gwen! These are the three women who defend their worlds at any given moment! Spider-Woman has taken Silk and Gwen under her (spider) wing and has been travelling to Gwen's Earth-65 to teach them what it means to be a hero. When Earth-65's Cindy Moon (who is EEEEEEEVIL) finds out... all hell breaks loose! 

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Miss Fury Volume 2
Honestly, I don't know a lot about Miss Fury. I know she's a golden age super hero and she looks like a cat and that's the extent of my knowledge. So, if you haven't read any of her books, like me, then this is a good place for both of us to start. This series takes place during WW 2. Miss Fury has decided to defend New York from all manner of criminals. But there's something sinister heading towards the Big Apple. Can Miss Fury solve the mystery before the attack takes place?

Well that's all for this week! There were a LOT of comics that came out this week. And it looks like there will be a lot next week as well. Gwen-Pool, a new Harley Quinn series and Moon Knight start next week so get ready.

Also, here's a special treat- the trailer for the new Star Wars Rogue One movie!!


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