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The dustbin of history

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Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I’m of the opinion that you just don’t get it, Mr. Hammer (Hammer, “Let the Beatles Be,” July 4-11). Are you implying that the most influential band the world has ever known just be relegated to the dustbin of history? After listening to some of the CRAP that’s being broadcast over our airways these days … yeah, I’ll take the Beatles ANY DAY!

As a guitarist and performer, I have yet to encounter any crowd or person who did not appreciate hearing Beatles material. Not one. If anything, I get more positive feedback from performing their material than any other songs (no, I’m not a member of a tribute band).

If you want to get a sampling of what “it” is all about, may I suggest you catch “1964 — The Tribute” the next time they’re in town. You’ll see young, old and everything in between enjoying the music and the show.

Ringo Starr said it all: “We made it on love songs.” And at that point in time, that’s exactly what the world needed. Their musical evolution continued with the incorporation of George Martin and the world has not seen anything comparable since them. They set a standard that few can even approach.

With respect to Larry King, the fact that he couldn’t tell the live Ringo from the dead George leads me to believe he’s senile or just completely out of touch with musical culture. If you’re looking for historical dustbin candidates, may I suggest Larry King?

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