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Even Cleveland does it!

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Having spent the weekend in Cleveland visiting family, I was pleasantly surprised to see the progress the city has made since the last time I visited. It's been six years since I've spent any time there, I guess, but most of what I remember was boarded up buildings, empty streets, a freezing cold Browns vs. Steelers game and the Dylan exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In the last couple of years I have been hearing good things about the city--about its progress and its cool initiatives to revitalize--so I set out to explore on Friday afternoon.

Indianapolis city proper is more than double the size of Cleveland city proper, but the Combined Statistical Areas are fairly equal according to Wikipedia. With double the population, you'd think Indy would be ahead of the development in all areas, but let me show you a few things I saw in my short adventure in Cleveland.

Note: this is only a small dose of Cleveland's transit system. They have bus rapid transit, light rail, heavy rail and an extensive bus system that extends far into the suburbs....If only it was Indy...

Their bus system is pretty hardcore to boot. Watch. And there's a beer ad on the side of the bus...hmm, that's one idea for funding...

Luckily I think something close to this transit stop is in the talks for Indy. - ASHLEY KIMMEL
  • Ashley Kimmel
  • Luckily I think something close to this transit stop is in the talks for Indy.

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