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A shift in my bicycle life

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There's been a shift in my bicycle life. And like many of my posts, this involves first and foremost a confession. Come to think of it, I've made a lot of confessions in this little sphere of the inter-webs. Perhaps this is the biggest of them all.

I started riding a bike not for any of the noble reasons I would have you think: to save gas, to be healthier, to reduce my carbon footprint, to try something new, and so on. Instead, dear friends, I must confess that after a year of sharing my little adventures, in the question of which came first--the bike or the blog--I must assure you it was the blog.

Which brings me to my next point--the shift. A few weeks ago, after riding nearly every day to work, my fiancé asked me, "So, what'd you write about this week for the bicycle crowd?"

It was a Thursday night and I had completely forgotten to write a post, due the next morning. I whined a bit, after having already poured myself a tequila sunrise. "But I don't want to write..."

And why not? I had to stop and ask myself before sitting down to tap-tap-tap on my keyboard. After all, I've been pretty religious about riding this Winter, by far the biggest challenge I've set and met (no mention of the 50-mile-epic-fail please, dear friends). Yet somewhere along the way, the bicycle, not the blog, became the thing.

Instead of being a writer who bikes, I can now with all confidence pronounce: I am a bicyclist who writes. It's a very subtle but important difference. Like most things, and in view of Hammer's big announcement about his regular column for NUVO, I realize that this blog about bicycling will not go on forever. But I can with certainty say I will bike long after I stop writing.

Barring some unforeseen catastrophe and with exception to an inevitable lazy slump here and there, I feel that as long as I live in Indianapolis, or any bicycle-friendly area for that matter, I will do my best to bike for fun, for exercise and for transportation. After nearly a year of chronicling my beginner's experience at bicycling, I know what kind of cyclist I am now. I no longer consider myself a newbie.

Thus begins the next chapter of my bicycle life. And who knows what I'll learn about myself or how I'll change next?

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