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Question out of curiosity: I know that female condoms exist and I get how they are supposed to work. But It just seems like a recipe for, well, having a tube of plastic stuffed up inside of you pretty quickly. Am I wrong here? Never used one and just curious.

— Anonymous, from Tumblr

Sarah: I genuinely do not understand female condoms and I’ve never used one, nor do I plan to. It just seems easier to put a hat on the thing that’s already rod-shaped than the thing that is convex. I would imagine that’s why these things haven’t caught on.

Debby: Female condoms (also sometimes called “internal condoms” as some men use them and some people put them inside the anus/rectum) are indeed worn inside the vagina or anus. But they don’t have to be “stuffed up inside” a person; you can control how gently you insert them, the amount of (water- or silicone-based) lubricant you use, and so on. Similarly, penile condoms aren’t just slammed on penises. With practice using either one, it gets easier. Many people like using female/internal condoms and, if you’re curious about it, I recommend giving it at least 3 or 4 tries before giving up, as with most anything.

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