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Condom control

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Is there any info on which condoms feel the best? I hear good things about Ecstasy condoms, and I’d like to keep some around that feel good so the conversation about using them with new partners is easier.

— Anonymous, from Tumblr

Sarah: Keep two kinds of condoms around at all times: Trojan Ecstasys and a few Magnums just in case. The former because they feel awesome as judged by all major studies, and the latter so that no one can pull that “I’m so big and it doesn’t fit so I’m not going to wear one” bullshit on you.

Debby: A few years ago, my research team conducted an independent condom test (for a magazine) and we found that Trojan Ecstasy condoms were the most well-liked condoms of those in the product trial; the condoms included in the test were “special feature” kinds of condoms either because of they had an innovative shape (like the Ecstasy condoms do, with more room around the shaft, thus allowing for greater sensation) or because of their texture or special lubricants. Of course, everyone is different and there are many condom brands and styles on the market. Some websites and sex shops - and even some drug stores - offer sampler packs that offer the chance to try various styles so people can find the condom(s) that work best for them. I highly recommend shopping around to find a condom that feels comfortable and pleasurable and that you won’t mind using so that you and your partner can have more awesome (and safer) sex. Inscrutable insertables

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