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To the Dick Doc, or Not?

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I was having sex w my boyfriend when he kind of “missed” with his penis as he was entering me and it feels like it bent a little. He immediately went soft, and although there was no visible damage that I could see, I could tell he was uncomfortable. He claims he’s fine. Should we seek any additional medical attention?

— Anonymous, from Tumblr

Sarah: I’m going to guess it probably hurt at least a little, but dicks are fairly resilient. Now, if he had bruising of any kind, I would go to your nearest friendly ER because bruises mean blood vessel damage and that’s no good in an organ made almost entirely out of blood vessels. However, if there’s a lot of pain or any problems getting hard, he may want to go see a board-certified Dick Doctor. That is their clinical name. *

*It’s not.

Debby: If he feels fine and there was no “pop” and no bruising or swelling, then it may be okay. But he should be aware that sometimes even these seemingly minor traumas can cause scar tissue development so if he notices that his erection starts to curve or bend in bigger ways than before, he should mention it to a urologist sooner rather than later lest he wind up with a more severe case of Peyronie’s (which results in a more noticeable bend/curve, and which is easier treated in early stages). And of course if he feels any pain or notices bruising or swelling or other penile changes, he should seek medical attention.

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